Mike & Megan Ostrander


Often, the Ostranders would dream about living at cleftRock and ministering along side their mentors Bob and Eddie Fields (cR founders).  Now, they are the directors and continue to preserve the heart of cR. They are passionate about discipleship and providing a hospitable place for people to encounter God.  


Lee & Sarah Bivins

Intercessors ○ Christian COUNSELORs

Every once in a while, you have the honor of meeting people who have so much to offer because of the life of adventure they have lived. Lee and Sarah have raised a strong, beautiful family and served 20 years as missionaries in Israel and Russia.  These pioneers have been influential contributors to the establishment and growth of cleftRock Retreat Center. They built their home here in 1979 and have been counseling missionaries, pastors and families for over 35 years.